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Thread: Social Justice Warrior Meeting Room

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    Social Justice Warrior Meeting Room

    This forum is designed to give voice to those that want to destroy. Any SJWs who join this forum should be proud to pronounce their idiocy here

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    First off, we should quote startling stats about the black community, for instance. Ha ha. Great fun. In the US, black males (6%) of the population commit (54%) of murders. Sounds like white people are committing genocide or something.

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    Virgil would get drunk and pass out on the floor.

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    About 6% of working-age (18-64yrs old) Black men are currently in state or federal prison, or in a municipal jail
    This is three times higher than the 2% of ‘all men’ in the same age group. What’s even more concerning is that approximately 34%* of all working-age Black men who are not incarcerated are ex-offenders compared to 12% of ‘all men’ which means they have at one point in their lives been convicted of a felony. This data coincides with the increased absence of Black men in the labor force because ex-offenders are prevented from obtaining a large percentage of occupations either by law and are often legally discriminated against by private employers.

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    Studies have shown that people of color face disparities in wage trajectory following release from prison. Evidence shows that spending time in prison affects wage trajectories with a disproportionate impact on black men and women. The results show no evidence of racial divergence in wages prior to incarceration; however, following release from prison, wages grow at a 21 percent slower rate for black former inmates compared to white ex-convicts. A number of states have bans on people with certain convictions working in domestic health-service industries such as nursing, child care, and home health care—areas in which many poor women and women of color are disproportionately concentrated.

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    It's often been asked. "What has a black man ever invented?"

    Thomas L. Jennings was the first black man to receive a patent. The patent was awarded on March 3, 1821 (US Patent 3306x) for his discovery of a process called dry-scouring which was the forerunner of today’s modern dry-cleaning. Jennings was born free in New York City, New York in 1791. In his early 20s he became a tailor but then opened a dry cleaning business in the city. While running his business Jennings developed dry-scouring.
    The patent to Jennings generated considerable controversy during this period. Slaves at this time could not patent their own inventions; their effort was the property of their master. This regulation dated back to the US patent laws of 1793. The regulation was based on the legal presumption that "the master is the owner of the fruits of the labor of the slave both manual and intellectual.” Patent courts also held that slaves were not citizens and therefore could not own rights to their inventions. In 1861 patent rights were finally extended to slaves.
    Thomas Jennings, however, was a free man and thus was able to gain exclusive rights to his invention and profit from it. Jennings was a passionate abolitionist who used the income from his invention to free the rest of his family from slavery and fund abolitionist causes. He served as assistant secretary of the First Annual Convention of the People of Color which met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in June 1831.
    Thomas Jennings died in New York City in 1856.
    Mary Bellis, Thomas Jennings: Thomas Jennings was the first African American to receive a patent,; Joan Potter, African American Firsts (New York: Kensington Publishing Group, 2002).

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