Lucretia Pitter was brought up in a large family, her father was was a church minister, her love of singing came from being in the choir her father conducted, she was a pretty girl, lighter than her many sisters and brothers, she felt different, out of place.
As she grew up she came to see that her voice was better than many of those who sang in her choir, the choir was large, she was noticed by her peers to be a special kind of girl, one who might go far one day
Singing was a joy for Lucretia, when she sang she felt it took her away from her normal world to a place far away, a place where she wasn't an island girl.

Her father gathered the choir together after they had practiced singing one evening, he had an announcement to make, he was a large man, his physical presence was overwhelming, when he spoke every person listened, "As you know the Church has agreed to fund our trips, we are fortunate, God has made it possible to begin preparations to go" he said.
Everyone cheered, Lucretia could hardly believe it, at last she would get off this island and discover another life out there. Her father was of course talking about the "intercontinental church choir competition" the competition would take her eventually to Europe, she would see how white people truly lived.

The year was 1979, summers in England were either a wash out or they were pretty hot at times, today the sun was out and not on cloud in the sky. The morning had dragged for Lewis, he was still officially an apprentice, a few months to go before he came out of his time and was a a skilled man. The man Lewis was assisting was a lazy sort, Lewis had worked hard stripping out the old pipe work and carrying it outside to the skip, under his plumbers orders he had drained another section of pipe work ready to be unscrewed and scrapped, it was heavy work that Lewis didn't mind doing, at 21 Lewis was filling out, he was putting on a lot of muscle now, before he was a thin gangly boy nobody took any notice of.
It was 4pm, time to start putting away the tools sweeping up and tidying the area he had been working in.
The church door opened and a crowd of people entered, it was the verger of the church and a coach load of black youngsters accompanied by a large black man.
Lewis tried not to look at the rather pretty girl who was lighter than the rest, she had a perfect figure, he studied her.
Lucretia saw him looking at her, she smiled, the young white boy blushed "how cute" she thought!
The white boy was obviously a grown up, he was busily sweeping up and gathering hand tools he had been using.
The journey to Cheltenham took 4 hours, they had travelled from London Heathrow airport. Her father was met by the Bishop of Cheltenham at Heathrow and welcomed everyone to the UK, after they had boarded the coach and travelled to Cheltenham spa, the choir was to sing at St Luke's college, then they were to make a guest appearance at the Cheltenham choir festival at the "Cheltenham town hall"
Winning the "Continental church choir competition" had been like winning a million dollars to Lucretia.
The verger explained to the group that the church heating system was being refurbished, but not to worry it was summer it was always warm in these months.
He went on to say the accommodation at the rear of the church in the residence area was ready and had more than enough rooms for everyone.

Lewis was listening intently, he worked slower so he could catch the pretty girls eye.
Lewis winked at the her when she looked at him, she smiled and winked back, Lewis without the rest of the girls party seeing motioned with his thumb to go outside, the girl nodded, Lewis had finished his duties, the senior guy he was assisting had left long ago, he was consistently the lazy man.
Lewis picked up the heavy tool bag and lifted it to his shoulder and left the church and waited outside.

Lucretia watched him leave, he was an attractive young man, back on the island Daniel Sutherland a tall older boy had tried to force himself on her, she was not going to let this sad excuse use her, she was going to hold on to her virginity for the right one.
Daniel had strongly pushed her up against a wall after school and lifted her dress to feel her, she had let him, this made Daniel confident so had relaxed his grip, that was a mistake, Lucretia grabbed his hand and bit hard into his wrist, Daniels other hand released her, Lucretia ran as fast away as she could, she knew Daniel wouldn't report her for biting him because if her father found out what he had tried to do he would have beat Daniel to a pulp.

Lucretia slipped away and went outside the church, the sun was out, it was warm, it was nothing like her island of Roatan, she approached Lewis "Hi, my name is Rita" "you have a funny accent" Lewis replied
yeah i'm from Roatan an island near South America she said. "My accent is pure wurzel, if might sound funny to you I bet?" Lewis said
They both laughed. One thing Lewis was not short of was confidence, he found it easy to talk to girls, he made them laugh, he could listen to them talk for hours, Lewis was a good listener, girls liked him.
Lewis hid the tool bag behind some bushes in the church garden, and asked Rita if she wanted to take a walk, Rita nodded, she took his offered hand and they both talked and walked around the church perimeter, "listen, I'm not doing anything this evening, can we meet up later, I can show you Cheltenham?" He asked.
Rita nodded and told him to be on this spot at 8pm as she would try to slip out of the accommodation block of the church.
Lewis was hoping he was going to get lucky this evening, after eating his prepared meal his mother had left for him in the kitchen he ran upstairs and showered, he dressed quickly, he would catch a no49 bus from Tuffley into town, from there another bus ride into Cheltenham.
He had dressed into Levi jeans, Ben Sherman shirt and leather soled shoes, he checked his appearance in the mirror by the front door and left at exactly 6:30 pm
It would take him over an hour to get to Cheltenham, he didn't want to be late, he made sure he had enough change in his pocket for the return bus fare and durex he hoped he'd be needing later.
He called into the first pub when he got to Cheltenham and went immediately into the gents, inserted a 50p piece into the machine and twisted the knob, out fell the packet of 3, he only needed the one, but, you never know!
Rita was sat outside the church on one of the many wooden backed benches that were all over the gardens of the church, the sun was slowly dropping past the trees on the horizon, the temperature was dropping too. She slipped out of the door as quickly as she could when her father checked on his 2 daughter who were sharing a room together, he sister was tired and was asleep on her bed, the flight to England and the dreaded jet lag time difference had caught up with her. Rita was too excited to be effected by it.
Lucretia was ashamed of her real name, it reminded her of a old plantation slave name, she asked all of her friends to call her Rita, her father would of been angry to learn of her new wishful name.
Here she was waiting for Lewis, he was very handsome she thought, he had shoulder length brown hair, a nice face which green eyes made even more striking, as soon as she had seen him a tingle went through her legs rising up to her groin. If the right moment came tonight Rita was going to let Lewis do the thing to her, she knew Lewis wouldn't refuse, he looked pretty keen to her.
Lewis saw her sat there, he spoke in a whisper "hey there!" and smiled, Rita patted the bench and he obediently sat down next to her, "you look very nice Rita" he said, she beamed and said "thank you"
"Where would you like to go" asked Lewis? Rita thought for a moment and said "not far, we haven't much time"
She picked up his hand and she stood up, "come with me" she said, she kissed him on the cheek and pulled him till they reached the small orchard in the grounds, they were hidden from prying eyes, Rita on tip toe kissed Lewis on the lips, he put his arms around her and gently pulled her towards him, Rita could feel the bulge growing in his groin, Lewis inserted his tongue and Kissed her as an adult, not as a young girl
Lewis put his hand to Rita's right breast, her nipples were growing hard and tender, he cupped it and rolled his thumb over the nipple, Rita shuddered and knelt down she carefully unzipped him and pulled out his hard erect cock, it was just under 7" Rita had never seen such a thing erect, it was a marvel, she took it in her mouth and wanked it slowly with a hand. Lewis moaned lightly and let her suck on it greedily for a few minutes, he pulled it out of her mouth and laid down whilst removing his trousers and pants, Rita removed her panties she was about to take him in her mouth again when Lewis stopped her and produced the packet of condoms, Rita smiled, she had heard about these, it stopped a woman getting pregnant, what a lucky girl she was that the man she was letting get inside her was so thoughtful.
Rita took one out, took off the wrapper and tolled it on his perfectly hard penis, Rita pushed him back and sat astride him, he slipped easily inside her, a sharp pain she noticed momentarily, after that she was sliding all the way up Lewis's length of pleasure, Lewis reached up and on felt both of her breasts as she bucked on top of him, Rita could feel an orgasm coming, she rocked back and forth harder, Lewis knew he was about to Come too, they both felt it at the same time, Lewis grabbed Rita's sides and pumped furiously until he was spent, Rita relaxed and bent over Lewis breathing hard, she was sweating, both of them smiled at each other and laughed.

They slowly dressed and talked, Rita in her new found womanhood found it a new experience to actually be comfortable dressing in front of a man, she liked the feeling of being a grown up woman at last.
Lewis was glad the evening had been good for both of them, Rita looked radiant, Rita told Lewis the choir was leaving tomorrow to travel to different venues across the UK, this was unfair that she had just met him only to lose him again a few short hours later, Lewis shrugged and said, "who knows, we may meet up again, it's a small world!"

Rita many years later remembered Lewis as a young man, not the older man that had forgot her and was now a poster on a forum she used.

the end.